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Hello Bombshell delivers the best quality out there on the hair extensions market.

You can have our tape hair for 4 years.

We want to turn the beauty industry from over-consumption of poor quality hair extensions. To long lasting good quality.

We believe that sustainability wins in the long run.

Both from an environmental point of view but also from an economic point of view for each individual consumer. That's why you always find the best hair extensions on the market here at Bombshell.

We deliver the best quality hair extensions in the world.

Careful quality controls, where only the best hair is selected as Virgin Remy.

Each strand of hair is handpicked.

Our good judgment has spread quickly across Sweden and Norway. Once you've tried our luxury tape hair, you won't want to try anything else again.

Come as you are, Walk out as a Bombshell

Worlds best hair extensions

bombshell professional extensions
Hello Bombshell

After 2 years in USA our founder Clara Feldt started her company. She saw a lack of good quality hair on the market. She wanted to make a difference for the stylist and the clients out there.

Bombshell has always strived to deliver the best quality on the market. You will never find Hair Extensions better than us. Our Hair Extensions have a quality that last for 4 years with proper care.

Forget wear and tear. Buy Bombshell and have it for years.


You can always contact us with questions or concerns, we will help you. You can also come into our physical salon with questions.


Engelbreksgatan 35,
Göteborg Sverige

Monday- Friday: 10am - 18:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 16:00pm